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Patient Estimates


Estimates are based on information provided before your visit to Mayo Clinic. Estimates are not a guarantee of the actual cost for the services to be provided to you. Actual costs may be higher or lower, depending on many factors. These factors include changes to treatment choices, actual services provided, any complications that may arise and the details of any insurance coverage. Other factors may also be considered when determining charges. Estimates are not a contract for the actual amount to be paid. You will be responsible for the actual amount charged based on the services you receive. Please check with your insurance company to confirm the costs that will be covered and any costs that will be billed to you. These details should be confirmed as part of your preparation to be seen at Mayo Clinic. When you talk with your insurance company, make sure you share at which Mayo Clinic location you will be seen. You are responsible for any costs not covered by your insurance company. You are also responsible for getting any pre-authorizations or referrals that your health care insurance plan requires.

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